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  • overpressure endurance

  • users SW configuration

  • analogue, digital and two-state outputs

  • robust construction

  • protection IP65

  • wide temperature range

  • display fit-out possibility

SR - intelligent pressure transmitter

These pressure transmitters designed for meassuring of pressure in gases and liquids. They are applicable in many sectors of industry, in heating engineering, water-supply engineering, agricultural engineering, construction of machines or in laboratories etc. The transmitters can measure overpressure, underpressure compare with ambient atmosphere or absolute pressure.

The medium being measured may be gases and liquids also aggressive character. Measured media is in a contact directly with stainless separation diaphragm, stainless housing and Viton sealing. Connecting screwing has a standard proportion G1/2“. In case of bulid to order is possible to produce treansmitter also with different connection armature.

All components of the transmitter are placed in robust box from aluminum alloy, which serves as a good mechanical and electrical protection is IP65. The construction of transmitter is self-supporting and connection by pressure screwing is adequate.

For electrical connection serves internal terminal block with screws for cable with metal grommet PG-9. For some outputs can be used also sealed latched mini connector type DIN 43650 - C with cabel grommet PG7, witch enables to use cable diameter of max. 6,5mm. This type of transducer measures the pressure by means of a silicon diaphragm on a piezoelectric principle. Silicon diaphragm is separated from measured media by stainless diaphragm and oil filling. Therefore this transducer attains a good overload endurance, is resistant against vibrations and output is independent on work position. Electronic circuitry is realized by a surface mount technology and for increasing

protection is passivated by a coat.

Electric signal from sensor is after amplifying converted by 16bit ADC to digital format. By means of two-dimensional polynomial approximation of 3rd order transmitter is calibrated and temperature compensated. With special agreement it is possible to compensate down to -20°C. Output pressure value can be read directly via serial port RS485, RS 232 or USB. Transmitter has special output stage, which convert calculated value to analogue value 4-20mA (two-wire) or 0-20mA, 0-10V, 0-3V(three-wire). Particular analogue outputs can be switch by software and it is possible to change measuring pressure range and set other parameters, for example damping etc. In addition it is possible at analogue outputs to switch linear conversion characteristics to switching two-state one and realize logic levels with voltage output. Transmitters can be fitted with output switching module, which has small relay with one contact and two independent outputs with NPN transistors with open collector with LED indication. All switching parameters can be set only via software. Next option is 4 or 5 digit LCD with white LED back lighting. There is also place for FLASH memory, where can be stored measured data with desired period (without timestamps).

Transmitters can be supply with DC voltage with wide range from 5 to 35 Volts. Change in this range has no effect to measurement accuracy.

Software configuration is realized via special USB adapter with program for Windows. Transmitter can be supplied from USB and due to adapter totally DC isolation can be connected to PC whenever in the final application.

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