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  • 8 analog inputs

  • USB connection to PC

  • USB supplying from laptop battery

  • sophisticated software

  • favourable price

PTS2-8 - USB recorder and analyzer

Basic technical information of pressure transmitter

Power supply+5V from USB port
Quiescent currenttyp. 140mA
Supply current at max. loadtyp. 400mA
Output voltage24V or 12V dc
Load current40mA, or rather 60mA
Protection of output voltageca 50mA, or 70mA by electronic fuse
External power supply9 to 36V dc, +pole at the center
Voltage inputs rangenominal 0 – 10 V, max. 11 V
Input resistance of voltage inputs1 MOHM
Protection of input voltageretaining diode + resistance 560 OHM
Current outputs rangenominal 0 – 20mA, max. 30mA
Input resistance of current inputs50 OHM
Pmax of sensing resistors2W
Weightca 360 g without accesories
Dimensions120x105x30 mm
Resolution15 bits
Measuring periodoptional from 20ms
Displaying period100ms
Recording period of measured valuesoptional from 20ms
Operating temp. range+5 až +35°C (non condensing)


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