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  • switching output

  • very high sensitivity

  • overpressure endurance

  • reliability

  • small dimensions

  • protection IP65

  • wide temperature range

  • display fit-out possibility

TMS - precision pressure switch

Basic technical information of pressure transmitter

Nominal pressure range
Relative version
± 100Pa to ± 100kPa
up to 1MPa
Overpressure to 2kPa
from 2kPa to 20 kPa
from 20kPa to 100 kPa
over 100 kPa
20 kPa
50 kPa
300 % nominal range
200 % nominal range
Errormax. 2% ± 2Pa
Zero temperature errortyp. 0,2%
max. 0,3 %/10°C
Span temperature errortyp. 0,2%
max. 0,3 %/10°C
Compensated temp. range0 ÷ +70°C
Operating temp. range
with display
-20 ÷ +85°C
-20 ÷ 55°C
(non condensing)
Storage temperature
with display
-25 ÷ 100°C
-20 ÷ 55°C
Supply voltage12 ÷ 36V dc
Supply curent< 15mA
Output load currentmax. 100mA
Operated positionarbitrary
Protectionmin. IP 65
Weightcca 100g
Common-mode pressure for
differential version
max. 100 kPa

Instructions for use

  • Before connection of the transducer into the pressure circuit, it is necessary to verify that the pressure being measured corresponds to the nominal range of this transducer. Even a transient loading over the maximum allowable overpressure may cause a destruction of the measuring diaphragm!
  • If you measure a pressure of such media which are not non-aggressive gases, it is necessary to verify the transducer material resistance.
  • In case of the liquid media measurement, avoid its freezing – there is a danger of the measuring sensor destruction!



Pin assignmentsvalid for connector DIN 43650C

 open colector
+ supply voltage3
- supply voltage2

Dimensions of pressure transmitter

Dimensions of pressure transmitter

Adjusting elements

Adjusting elements

Time damping

τ [s]0123

Output logic valid for P > P limit


Switching level setting by way of voltage on MB:
Pswitch = Pnominal x UMB [V]
If there is no other request, switch is set during
production flow to Pswitch = 50% Pnominal

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