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Z - pressure transducer

Basic technical information of pressure transmitter

Nominal pressure range± 2,5kPa to 6MPa
Overpressure to 40 kPa
fro m 60 kPa to 6MPa
100 kPa
200 % nominal range
Errormax. 1% (0.5%)
Zero temperature errortyp. 0,1%
max. 0,3 %/10°C
Span temperature errortyp. 0,1%
max. 0,3 %/10°C
Compensated temp. range20 ÷ +70°C
Operating temp. range-20 ÷ +85°C
(non condensing)
Storage temperature-25 ÷ 100°C
Supply voltage12 ÷ 36V dc
Supply current – output H< 4mA
Output4 ÷ 20mA two-wire
0 ÷ 20mA three-wire
0 ÷ 10V three-wire
2 ÷ 10V three-wire
Operated positionarbitrary
Voltage strengthmin. 1000V dc
Protectionmin. IP 54
Weightcca 100g
Common-mode pressure
for differential version
max. 1Mpa

EMC – according to ČSN EN 61326-1
At the customer´s wish it is possible to secure a metrological verification of the transmitters at an accredited Calibration Service Centre.

Instructions for use

  • Before connection of the transducer into the pressure circuit, it is necessary to verify that the pressure being measured corresponds to the nominal range of this transducer. Even a transient loading over the maximum allowable overpressure may cause a destruction of the measuring diaphragm!
  • Especially by using silicon membrane is necessary to check up resistnace of materials, see the front of this sheet. In case of doubt contact the manufacturer.
  • For sealing the transmitter is recommended to use the "O" ring 12x2 supplied with the transmitter. During sealing into the thread (teflon, tow) for fluid medium is necessary take notice of, because during driving screws into a closed volume of fluid can increase pressure and thereby can be the membrane destroyed!



Pin assignmentsvalid for connector DIN 43650

4 ÷ 20mA
0 ÷ 20mA
0 ÷ 10V
+ supply voltage133
- supply voltage222
output 11

Dimensions of pressure transmitter

Dimensions of pressure transmitter
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