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Special dedicated equipment for measuring pressure

The company CRESSTO s.r.o. also offers by means of special orders development and manufacturing of measuring and testing devices, where the main measured quantity should be pressure, but it does not have to be. Measuring can be extended with automated measuring of time, temperature, humidity, flow, weight, force, length, etc.

Co-operation on the measuring methodology, suggestions of suitable measuring and evaluating procedures, construction and manufacturing of the whole hardware including clamping jigs and connecting adaptors are usually a part of the order.

For the application control is usually used a computer, class PC, because it is very universal, commonly used and available, which decreases the requirements for the operators training and moreover, it can be used for other work while not measuring. The control programs can be used in different variations of PC, from a classical desktop, laptop, one-board computers up to industrial versions. It is possible to use different modern communication technologies, including wireless ones. Creation of application web interface with the possibility of remote access through the Internet, etc. is a commonplace. Our applications can work in networks and can use undisputable advantages of database data processing. The programs are designed with simple intuitive control and are used not only for measuring itself, but also for visualization, processing, evaluation, presentation and archiving, and also for distribution of the checking results of the tested components.

All applications are designed with respect to the possibility of calibrating the whole system, including monitoring the calibration intervals.

If you need to sort out any task at testing your products, please contact the company CRESSTO s.r.o. and based on a particular requirement, we will recommend a solution or offer a realization.

References of dedicated devices CRESSTO

HAKAN - measuring of railway vehicles brake

Universal, user-configurable device for objective diagnosis and assessment of the braking systems on rail vehicles and their components. It enables measuring directly on the car or on the test bench.
České dráhy ČD cargo ZSSK cargo Slovak rail CZ loko Tatravagonka Poprad Metrans OSS Ryko Děčín
AWT KOS Krnov Severočeské doly Legios

ZUBR - gas masks testing device

Dedicated device for complete diagnosis of gas masks.
Gumárny Zubří

SIGOT - testing device for gas masks filters

User dedicated device for measuring flow rate, resistance and leakage of gas masks filters.
Sigma Lutín

FILKOM - air filters characteristics measurement


PEMET - device for testing electro magnetic valves for automotive industry.

Continental automotive

Weighting of bio samples.

Click to enlarge An example of a simple application created in the environment ControlWeb. Sensors series S by the company Cressto s.r.o. are used for measuring single quantities.
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