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  • easy operation

  • good legibility of the data

  • modern construction

  • microcomputer control

  • big variability

  • power supply 240V

  • protection IP65

PMI - digital pressure panel manometer

Basic technical information of pressure transmitter

Nominal pressure range± 100Pa to ± 1MPa
Overpressure to 2kPa
from 2kPa to 20 kPa
from 20kPa to 200 kPa
over 200 kPa
20 kPa
50 kPa
300 % nominal range
200 % nominal range
Errormax. 1% (0.5%) ± 2Pa
Zero temperature errortyp. 0,1%
max. 0,3 %/10°C
Span temperature errortyp. 0,1%
max. 0,3 %/10°C
Compensated temp. range0 ÷ +50°C
Operating temp. range0 ÷ +60°C (non condensing)
Storage temperature-10 ÷ +85°C
Supply voltage230V/50Hz
10 ÷ 30V dc
Auxiliary voltage15V / 40mA
Overall input power4VA
Relay capability230V/50Hz/3A
Operated positionarbitrary
Protection(front panel)IP 65
Outside dimensions48 x 96 x 120 mm
Mounting hole in the panel45,0 x 90,5 mm
Weightcca 450g

EMC – accords to ČSN EN 61326-1

Figures of pressure input are valid for device type with internal pressure transmitter. Type with external pressure transmitter, has got parameters defined by this transmitter.
At the customer´s wish it is possible to secure a metrological verification of the transmitters at an accredited Calibration Service Centre.

Instructions for use

  • Before connection of the gauge into the pressure circuit, it is necessary to provide that the nominal range of device corresponds with measured pressure. Even a transient loading over the maximum allowable overpressure may cause a destruction of the measuring diaphragm! As for the difference gauge, the user shall assure that a pressure that is higher than the allowed non-destructive pressure corresponding to the nominal range should not unilaterally overload the measurement diaphragm.
  • At the gauge with internal pressure transmitter is necessary to check whether used medium does not chemically aggressive to any of used materials: silicon, duralumin, brass, plastic polyetherimide and Fluor-silicone sealing.
  • After temperature stabilization or anytime during operation is possible to make zeroing of the system, of course when ensure zero pressure. To activate this function press ENTER button on the front panel. For identification is used T symbol under main display. Controlling most of the other functions are operating normally locked with a password, see the detailed operating manual.
  • It is recommended to inform itself about using the device, in unlocked mode. Before unlocking the device for changes in settings, is recommanded to study operation manual. Or consult the necessary steps, because in locked part of memory are stored calibration data. Their changes result in distortion measurement accuracy!



Pin assignments

4 ÷ 20mA
0 ÷ 20mA
0 ÷ 10V
+ supply voltage133
- supply voltage222
output 11
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