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Pressure unit converter

In the field of pressure measurement is used except basic SI unit of pressure - Pascal, many others. Their conversion is not always trivial and therefore company CRESSTO s.r.o. offers this tool as a pressure units converter.
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Pressure units


[ Pa ] = N/ m² Basic pressure unit in SI.


[ hPa ] = 100 Pa = 100N/ m². is a 100 multiple of basic pressure unit Pascal. Hectopascal is usually used in meteorology.


[ Bar ] = 100 000 Pa. The secondary unit of pressure in SI. The bar is used in industry because approximately corresponds to older pressure unit of one atmosphere.


[ Atm ] = kg/cm2 = 98066 Pa. It is obsolete unit of pressure, not belonging to the system of SI units. This unit is sometimes called a technical atmosphere. In addition, exist unit called physical atmosphere, which is equal to the normal barometric pressure at sea level, ie 101 325 Pa.

Kilogram per square centimeter

[ kg/cm² ] see Atmosphere

Millimeter of water column

[ mmH2O ] = 9,8066 Pa. This unit is derived from the practical measurement of very low pressure through the water filled U tubes. mmH2O is still using particularly in the aircondition or in combustion process. We can also meet with the same defined entity, but 1000 times larger - mH2O.

Inch of water column

[ InH2O ] = 249,1Pa. Similar to previous unit, still widely used in Anglo-American countries.


[ torr ] = mmHg = 133,32 Pa. Outdated, not allowed unit of pressure. Derived from the physical implementation of mercury manometers. This unit was used especially in meteorology, where was replaced similar unit - hPa (hectopascal).

Millimeter of mercury column

[ mmHg ] see Torr. This unit is still used primarily in medicine.

Inch of Mercury column

[ InHg ] = 3386,4 Pa. - Similar to the previous unit, used in Anglo-American countries.

Pound per square inch

[ PSI ] = 6894,8 Pa - The most commonly used unit for measuring pressure in Anglo-American countries.

Pound per square foot

[ PSF ] = 47,881 Pa - Rarely used unit for measuring low pressures.

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