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Business conditions CRESSTO ltd., which manages sales and services.

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General business conditions13.7.201259.6 kBpdf.png download

Certificate of registration with the tax office.

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Osvědčení o registraci10.10.2010294.2 kBpdf.png download

Certificate of Incorporation.

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Výpis z obchodního rejstříku10.10.2010440.8 kBpdf.png download

Certificate of associated performance back and recovery of packaging waste at the company EKO_KOM, Inc.

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Osvědčení EKO-KOM10.10.2010896.4 kBpdf.png download

Copies of certificates of security management quality system ISO 9001: 2008

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Certifikate ISO 900112.03.2019294.2 kBpdf.png download

Notification of quality assurance in the manufacture of explosion-proof.

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Quality assurance notification1.2.2021731.6 kBpdf.png download

The health certificate Serie A sensor for drinking water.

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Verification of health and sanitation safety10.10.2010123.6 kBpdf.png download

Instructions for proper installation of pressure sensors.

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Installation manual10.10.201016.5 kBpdf.png download

Certificate entitling the company Cressto ltd. the servicing, maintenance and calibration of instruments for measuring leakage company Ceta Testsysteme GmbH.

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CETA service certifikate19.12.2022407.6 kBpdf.png download

An example of calibration certificate issued by the manufacturer, by CRESSTO s.r.o.

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Calibration protocol(example)11.3.2013320.0 kBpdf.png download

An example of calibration certificate, issued by an accredited calibration laboratory.

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Calibration protocol(example)11.3.2013180.6 kBpdf.png download
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