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  • high chemical resistance

  • simple application

  • universal usage

  • high stability

  • favourable price

A - pressure transmitter with ceramic measuring membrane

The transducers series A are designed for a general use. They are capable to measure both the positive and negative pressure in the liquids and gases that can be partially chemically aggressive. These transducers series A will find a wide use in a full scale of the industrial automation, power measurements, heating technology, agricultural applications.

The transducer case is made from stainless steel with high chemical resistance. Connecting thread proper has a dimension G1/2” or M20x1.5. Special design connection with open membrane is suitable for media with high viscosity and contamination. This solution has advantage in cleaning this membrane from residues of media. The second advantage is faster dynamic response and it’s recommended for measuring fast pressure shocks.

As a pressure-sensing element in this series of transducers, there are used piezoelectric sensors on ceramic membrane. Measuring system is created by thick-film technology and is adjusted during production by laser beam. With proper supply is output signal equal to input pressure. This sensor is sealed in stainless steel by “O” ring from Viton.

Small signal from sensor is amplified, compensated and calibrated by electronics, which is based inside the transmitter case. This transmitters are produced with two-wire current output 4 ÷ 20 mA, three-wire current output 0 ÷ 20 mA and three-wire voltage output 0 ÷

10 V. Nominal supply voltage is 24 V DC, but they can operate from 12 to 36 V DC without influence on accuracy. The transmitter has a protection from changing polarity of supply voltage. Calibration is provided through laser-trimmed-thick-film resistors and for slight change of transfer characteristics end-points are used two small multi-rotation trim pots under connector cover. Correction range is ±2 % form nominal range, approximately. Trim pot for zero-correction is signed by red colour.

The transducer design uses new modern elements, surface mount technology, etc. A special care is taken of the resistance against the outer electromagnetic and electrostatic interference. On bottom side of connector base is placed special filter and protection circuit. The case body is not electrically connected with the system but it is connected to the earthing pin of the connector. We recommend connection of this pin always to the fixed potential, especially with a view to achieving satisfactory immunity against the outer electromagnetic interference. Electric connection is realized by means of the sealed arrested connector (ISO 4400/6952 – DIN 43650) with a cable bushing PG9, which enables to connect the transducer by means of the cable with a diameter 6 – 9 mm.

If agreed, it is possible to set different input pressure values and /or output electrical values, namely for the voltage outputs.

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