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  • microcomputer signal processing

  • user´s software adjustment

  • inputs 4-20mA, 0-20mA, 0-10V

  • digital and double-state outputs

  • power supply 5÷36V

  • cover IP65

  • 4-figure LCD display with highlight

SD - Multifunctional digital visual display unit / comparator / convertor

Ordering code

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 Code SDF5B   
 electrical input On F - current two-wire 4÷20mAF     
Off G - current three-wire 0÷20mAG     
Off H - voltage three-wire 0÷10VH     
 electrical connection Off 2 - cable 1 m 2    
On 5 - terminal block and grommet 5    
 digital electrical output Off A - series RS232  A   
On B - series RS485  B   
Off C - series USB  C   
Off - none      
 display Off D - 4 digit disaplay   D  
 memory Off M - FLASH memory    M 
 switch Off S - contact relay, 2x open collector + LED     S

Additional accessories

Accuracy 0,5% off
24 months warranty off
Non-accredited calibration protocol off
Accredited calibration protocol off

Ordering code of choosing product SDF5B   
154.00Total price VAT excluded154.00

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