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  • small dimensions

  • overpressure endurance

  • simple application

  • low power consumption

  • favourable price

KTS - pressure module

Basic technical information of pressure transmitter

Nominal pressure range± 4Pa to 40kPa
Maximl overpressure to 40kPa
over 40 kPa
100 kPa
200 % nominal range
Errormax. 1,5% (1%)
Zero temperature errormax. 0,3 %/10°C
Span temperature errormax. 0,3 %/10°C
Compensated temp. range0 ÷ +70°C
Operating temp. range-15 ÷ +85°C (non condensing)
Storage temperature-25 ÷ 100°C
Supply voltage5 ÷ 15V dc
Current consuptiontyp. 0,5mA
Output0,5 ÷ 4,5V *
Operated positionarbitrary
Protectionmin. IP 00
Weightcca 3g

* a different range after an agreement

Instructions for use

  • Before the sensor is connected to the pressure circuit it is necessary to check whether the measured pressure corresponds with the nominal range of the sensor. Even a short-time overload over the maximum permissible overpressure can cause destruction of the measuring membrane.
  • In case of using other media than air, nitrogen, water, oil, ethyl alcohol it is necessary to check the resistance of the materials, see the front page
  • For the sensor sealing it is recommended to use “O” ring. While sealing to the thread (Teflon) for liquid media, it is necessary to pay high attention to caution because screwing into closed volume of liquid can cause increase of pressure and destruction of the membrane!
  • While screwing, hold the plastic case of the sensor itself, never the printed circuit board.
  • If the measured medium is water, avoid its possible freezing inside the sensor! In the opposite case, there is a danger of damaging the measuring membrane.



Pin assignments

+ supply voltage1
- supply voltage3

Dimensions of pressure transmitter

Dimensions of pressure transmitter
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