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  • easy operation

  • good legibility of the data

  • modern construction

  • microcomputer control

  • big variability

  • power supply 240V

  • protection IP65

PMI - digital pressure panel manometer

The digital panel mount pressure manometer(gauge) is intended for mounting into a panel. It is suitable especially for use in industry, power engineering, instrument and regulation technology, medical technology and also laboratory measuring. This instrument is made in two variations:

1. with an internal pressure sensor – this variation is cheaper and suitable for installing directly into the device. The pressure medium is fed in by a tube directly into the device. This instrument enables measuring of relative overpressure and also underpressure for ranges higher than 1 kPa in gas and liquid non-aggressive media. Measuring of lower pressures and also measuring differences in the whole range and absolute pressure is possible only in non-aggressive gases. For connection of pressure is used a metal inlet on the back panel with the diameter 5 mm with a possibility of connecting to a quick coupler.

2. With an external pressure sensor – in this case it is possible to connect any sensor with a standard output. The sensor is situated in the place of measuring and is connected with the display unit by a cable. A power supply unit for the external sensor is also a part of the instrument.

The gauge is built in into a standard plastic box of the European format from the non-flammable material Norit. The instruments can also be supplied in so called desk variation, built in into the aluminium box with a corresponding cover. The data about the measured pressure are displayed on a 3.5-figure display in any

units. The display colour is red or green, the figures height is 13 mm. The instrument rewrites the data on the display after carrying out several measuring and carrying out software corrections ca. 5 times a second. A positive value corresponds with overpressure, a negative one with underpressure.

The basic variation also enables carrying out software calibrations, offset corrections, change of the format of the displayed data, adjusting and indication of limit values, adjusting of digital filters, adjusting of the display brightness. The instrument can be supplemented at an order with:

• two programmable comparators with output relay outlet

• a serial communication port RS 232, or RS 485 or a digital-analogue converter

Control of these functions is made by means of five buttons on the front panel of the instrument but also on a serial communication line (if the instrument is equipped with it). This part of the program is accessible only through a login because of a possibility of unintended pressing of the buttons or an incompetent intervention, see the detailed instructions for use.

The instrument in the basic variation is fed by alternating line voltage 230V/50Hz, at an order these gauges can also have alternative power supply. Protection is realized by a fuse inside the instrument.

Based on an agreement, it is possible to supply the instruments with a higher number of displayed figures, with a higher number of measuring inlets, with a higher number of output relays.

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