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  • pressure measuring in gases and liquids

  • wide range of measured pressures

  • simple handling

  • robust design

  • battery supply

  • low power consumption

MSx - pressure measuring set

This measuring set is intended especially for service, diagnostics and checking of pressures in industry, power engineering, heating technology, etc. It is used especially for measuring high pressures. An advantage is the possibility of measuring pressure in the range of three decadic orders. The set consists of a measuring and display unit which is based on the time-tested construction of the pressure gauge series DMU, to which pressure probes with required range are connected by means of a cable and connector. These probes have a similar construction to pressure sensors series A, which is a casing from stainless steel and a ceramic measuring membrane with sealing from Viton. The used materials enable measuring of pressure in gases and also liquids which can also be partially aggressive.

The probe itself is equipped with a manometer thread G1/2”, there is an attached reduction for connection to the thread M20x1.5. The whole set is fed from a lamellar battery 9V of the DMU-S instrument which is mounted into a plastic casing from ABS. Operation is realized by means of buttons on a folio keyboard, which are used for switching the instrument on/off, starting up possible

resetting and switching on the time filter which enables reading the mean value at pulsing pressure on the input. The instrument is equipped with a magnetic foil on the back side for fixing on a flat surface from ferromagnetic material.

Digital data about the measured pressure are displayed on a 3.5-figure LCD display in units stated on the label of the instrument with differentiability 0.1% from the nominal range. Made-to-order instruments can be equipped with an analogue output with the nominal range 1V. When measuring with an external pressure probe, the position of the decimal point is adjusted automatically according to the range of the connected probe. Based on an agreement, the instrument can be supplied calibrated also to different pressure units or a reduced set with two or just one probe.

All parts of this set are well arranged in a practical plastic box with plastic foam padding. A leatherette bag for the DMU-S instrument can be supplied as an accessory.

The sets are produced in three variations, distinguished by the range and used pressure unit:

1. MSK 10, 100, 1000 kPa

2. MSB 1, 10, 100 bar

3. MSM 1, 10, 60 MPa

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