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  • measuring of differential pressure in gases and liquids

  • easy operation

  • battery power supply

  • low consumption

  • reasonable price

MST - set for measuring differential pressure

The measuring set MST is intended especially for measuring pressure differences in hot-water heating systems. It enables direct measuring of pressure loss in whole objects or single branches and sections of hot water distribution systems. Obviously, it is possible to carry out similar measuring in systems with hot or cold water for industrial purposes or in pressure distribution systems of air or other gases. By means of this measuring set, it is also possible carry out checking measuring of pressure difference on plates for measuring flow. But it is not possible to carry out mathematical conversion of the measured values, eg. calculation of root, etc. Measuring is made by means of a special variation of the DMU-T gauge with additional three-way fittings. The instrument is intended especially for service measuring and is not recommended for permanent connection with pressure circuits, especially with high temperature media. The used materials enable measuring pressure in gases and liquids, which must be non-aggressive.

The DMU-T gauge is fed from a 

lamellar battery 9V and is mounted into a plastic casing from ABS. Operation is realized by means of buttons on a folio keyboard, which are used for switching the instrument on/off, starting up possible resetting and switching on the time filter which enables reading the mean value at pulsing pressure on the input. The instrument is equipped with a magnetic foil on the back side for fixing on a flat surface from ferromagnetic material. As the additional fittings are relatively heavy and the connecting tubes are relatively tough, it is necessary to pay particular attention to its fixing.

Digital data about the measured pressure are displayed on a 3.5-figure LCD display in units stated on the label of the instrument with differentiability 0.1% from the nominal range. Made-to-order instruments can be equipped with an analogue output with the nominal range 1V. Based on an agreement, the instrument can be supplied calibrated also to different pressure units.

All parts of this set are well arranged in a practical box with plastic foam padding.

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