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Extension of service and calibration certificate CETA GmbH. - leak detector CT915


Dear colleagues and bussines partners,

we would like to inform you about a new extension of service and calibration certificate CETA testsysteme GmbH. Based on this certificate is CRESSTO s.r.o. able to offer you a maintenance, service and calibration services on CETATEST 915 devices. In case of your interest, please do not hesitate and contact us.


Increasing the sampling frequency of intelligent pressure transmitters of the SH, SP, SR series


Dear colleagues,

we introduce you a news concerning intelligent pressure sensors of the SH, SP and SR series. This update concerns the increase of the sampling frequency of the sensors, which was 2.5 Hz for both analog outputs and digital outputs until now. Now it is possible to measure pressure with a frequency of up to 50Hz for the SP and SR series and 25Hz for the SH series via a digital line. For communication is available the ADAM protocol from Advantech and the ASCII CRESSTO protocol.

The update is suitable especially for applications where is necessary to measure rapid pressure changes, ie. mainly applications where the measured medium is a liquid.

If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us.

NEW firmware for DMS handheld pressure meter


 Dear colleagues,

within the new firmware version 1.14 for handheld pressure meter DMS series we've made some interesting user updates.

Keyboard lock(menu lock):

Allows you to lock the menu key and thereby intentionally or accidentally change device settings. This makes the operation of the device "easier".


- Auto turn off function:

Auto turn off function – Since now, it is possible to set up the time to automatic turn off. (of course since last operator impact).


- Ruční zápis hodnot do dataloggeru:

standardně je možné do paměti dataloggeru ukládat naměřené hodnoty tlaku s periodou 1s - 23hod 59min 59s. Nyní je navíc možné ukládat hodnoty na základě stisku tlačítka. 


Více o nových funkcích ručního digitálního manometru DMS nalezente v návodu k obsluze.

V případě jakýchkoliv dotazů, nás neváhejte kontaktovat CRESSTO s.r.o.

3. Manual record to datalogger – Until now, it was possible to record values only in pre-set time period. Now it is also possible to record measured values by pressing OK button. These changes are available in firmware version 1.14.

S Monitor utility


Dear colleagues, we have made simple and smart utility called S-monitor, which allows you to display pressure value on your PC screen. This utility works with pressure transmitters of SH, SP, SR and SV series.

For its use is necesary to instal USB driver.

Team CRESSTO s.r.o.  

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