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Testers for productive measurement and detection of leakage - CETA GmbH.

The company CRESSTO often meets the need of productive leak detection by means of change of air pressure or other gas, especially in construction of made-to-order devices. Though it is a separate discipline, it is very close to pressure measuring. We currently offer solutions of these requirements in different ways.
  • For applying into production lines with high demands for productivity of leakage measuring of standard parts, there is a range of sophisticated and specialized testers made by the German company Ceta Testsysteme G.m.b.H.
  • Tasks, which cannot be optimally realized by means of standard devices because of different reasons and their solution is physically and technically practicable by means of a design and manufacturing of a specialized tester.
  • Combination of the above mentioned ways – a standard tester by the company Ceta is used for leakage measuring itself and is supplemented with another hardware or software components.

CETA Testsysteme GmbH, with the headquarters in Hilden near Düsseldorf, see has been producing measuring instruments for use in the area of leakage and flow measuring for more than 20 years. More than 2,500 testers made by the company Ceta are being used in the world. The instruments are mostly used in applications for checking and securing quality, for securing production in big production lines. An advantage of using standard testers is the possibility of their immediate use in the production process, a possibility of choice of the testing procedure by means of user defined programs and high productivity of measuring in a wide range of required parameters. For single application tasks it is possible to use instruments which use different physical methods:

  • Leakage testers with a differential pressure sensor
  • Leakage testers with a relative pressure sensor
  • Leakage testers with a mass flow meter
  • Flow and laminar measuring line gauges

The instruments can be supplied with basic attachments for measuring in the leakage area. An important part of the offered assortment is also calibration leakages which simulate the defined leak and check provably the whole measuring chain. The original CetaSoft program for PC is at the disposal, which enables testing and adjusting the testers and is also used for basic collection and processing of the measured data. A part of each delivery of a CetaTest instrument is always theoretical or possibly practical verification of viability of the measuring, application consulting, training of the user. The company CRESSTO s.r.o. is a business representative of the company CETA Testsysteme GmbH in the Czech and Slovak Republic. It also has trained employees for maintenance, repairing and calibration of the above mentioned instruments – CETA service certifikate

Some requirements for leakage checking cannot be reasonably solved by using a standard tester. It means especially testing of products of a big volume, with a special performance or other specific requirements. Automated measuring of other parameters, data processing, etc. are also required in most cases. In this case, it is possible to agree on creating a made-to-order testing workplace. It is usually hardware which enables pressure connection of the tested product, the pressuring part, presentation and archiving, or distribution of the check results. It is possible to agree on producing both just one piece of the device or a repeated production of a bigger amount of the instruments. The advantage of this solution is exact fulfilment of real requirements of the customer, the disadvantage is usually a higher price. Our realizations of leakage measuring of steel tanks for liquid gas, measuring of tightness of gas masks, measuring of leakage and other parameters of pneumatic brake systems in railway vehicles, etc. belong to this category.

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